Javaya Tramble, who brands herself as VayaDee, is a multi-talented entrepreneur from Jacksonville, Arkansas. She has always been one to utilize her voice in the best way she knew how. Whether she used it to recite lines in leading roles for school plays, singing the National Anthem at Dickey Stephens Park for the Travelers games or talking over the air waves for campus radio, Vaya has always been one to not let her voice go to waste.


Vaya’s interest sparked when she interned under our very own Mia Banks at STREETZ 101.1 in 2015. From that point on, she was more than determined to dive deeper into broadcast. At 22 years old, she graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Public Relations. By the time of her 2018 graduation, she had already briefly worked for one of Little Rock’s top stations, Power 92 Jams. It wasn’t until 2020 when she was back behind the mic. In this year, she landed a job with RejoiceLittleRock full-time, working as a co-host for the morning show, Fred Harris & The Morning Brew. New opportunities opened up for VayaDee in 2021. She joined the 96.5 The Box family, which is the #1 hip-hop station in Arkansas.


Outside of being behind the mic, she works as her own boss for her small business VayaDee PRoductions, LLC. She offers many services like photography, graphic design, public and media relations to name a few. Even aside from that, she owns her own sugar scrub line, Body Suga, and freelances as a licensed Zumba instructor. In her down time, she keeps the people up-to-date with weekly sounds on her curated playlist, DOPE Dynamics : The Playlist, working out and concocting new recipes in the kitchen.


Her drive, faith, determination and dedication, are the very things that are aiding in her growing and coming success. As Vaya continues to stay up and stay DOPE, you can tap in with her from 2PM to 6PM on her Saturday show, The WKND UnBoxxed. Keep up with her on social media @VayaDee.